The industry on the territory of Belene municipality is relatively developed. Industrial production is represented by enterprises in the following areas:

* Storage and maintenance of the delivered equipment and unfinished construction on the site of Belene NPP – NEK EAD – Sofia – Belene NPP branch.

* Construction and installation works and production of concrete vibro-elements and products are carried out by “ESM-Engineering” AD.

* Enerchemical EOOD specializes in the field of metalworking. The company manufactures and recycles machines, manufactures non-standard equipment and metal structures. Its products are used in a number of important sectors of the economy such as: mechanical engineering, energy, chemical industry, construction and others. The company manufactures structures and products to various customer orders.
* Processing of ferrous and stainless metals / solid steel, sheet metal, rail, U-profile, Double T-profile, shut-off valves, pipes (sewing and without sewing), IPN, UPN, IPE, HE-A, HE-B, HE-M, metal structures and products and trade with them is carried out by the company “Micromet” Ltd.
* Sausages are produced by SD “MICROART – 7”.
* Solid wood furniture is made by ET “PT – GEORGI DENEV”. Their production is intended for the country and for export. They also have their own base in Ukraine.
The number of employees in the sector “Manufacturing” in the municipality of Belene increased from 162 people in 2010 to 386 people in 2012, and in 2011 they reached 220. The average annual growth rate shows that employees in industry increased by 34.68%. The gradual stabilization of the macroeconomic environment and the growth of industrial production in the country in 2011 and 2012 have a favorable impact on the growth of employees in the municipality of Belene.
In the period 2014-2020, the Municipality of Belene must continue to take concrete measures to increase investor interest and provide assistance to businesses in the stated investment intentions. For the successful development of the industry in the municipality can be used the opportunities for financing, which will be provided under various European programs. Under the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness 2014 – 2020”, where they will provide funds to promote innovation and implementation of scientific achievements in production, technological renewal of SMEs and increase their productivity, promotion of energy efficiency and “green” economy and etc. The opportunities provided by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development 2014-2020” can be used for raising the qualification of the staff, for retraining and for mastering new professions.
The development of industry in the municipality of Belene by 2020 must overcome the following significant problems, some of which are characteristic of the municipal economy as a whole:
* Increasing the competitiveness of the manufactured products;
* Insufficiently successful introduction of innovations and modernization of productions;
* High energy consumption of production;
* Low qualification of the workforce;
* Low pay and lack of staff motivation.
Deciding the fate of the Belene NPP site is essential for economic growth.
The construction in the municipality of Belene is represented mainly by small companies specializing in minor repairs. The crisis in this sector is having its impact, as evidenced by the reduced values ​​of fixed assets.
For the period 2010 – 2012, 2 buildings were newly built and 2 are for residential purposes.
In 2012, the average number of construction personnel was 193, or 11.10% of the number of employees.
Agriculture has a leading position in the economy of the municipality of Belene. The industry provided jobs to 112 people in 2012 or 6.44% of the employed.
The number of agricultural holdings in the municipality of Belene according to the census of agricultural holdings in 2010 is 482. The used agricultural area is 115 851.7 decares. The average size of the used agricultural area for the area is 235.5 decares. Farms that cultivate over 500 decares. are 18 in number. Farms managing up to 10 decares predominate. – 337.
The balance of agricultural lands of the municipality of Belene has the following characteristics: out of a total of 213,308 decares of agricultural fund 157,347 decares of fields, 1,091 decares of meadows, 24,981 decares of meadows and pastures and 8,476 perennial plantations. 89.96% of agricultural land is arable land. 34,599 decares is the forest fund of the area.
According to the Register of Cooperatives, 1 production cooperative “Utro” is registered on the territory of Belene Municipality.
The development of plant growing in the municipality of Belene is led by the presence of a good market of agricultural products, quality land resources and subsidies for agricultural production.
Leading place in the sector has the traditional cultivation of cereals – wheat, corn, oats and barley. Market relations in the sector also have a stimulating effect on the development of this sub-sector.
The main crops are cereals, supplemented with technical and oilseeds. Sunflower and rapeseed are mainly grown. About 50% of the used agricultural land is for cereals and about 30% for oilseeds.