Belene Memorial Park

Here is the only camp with partial remains in Bulgaria. In 1949, the communist authorities in Bulgaria decided to open the Belene concentration camp, known as the Second Site. This is the largest camp for politically uncomfortable people for the Communist Party. It was modeled on the Nazi and Russian concentration camps. Political opponents, farmers, senior military, clergy, doctors, teachers and others were exiled and killed there. Near it on the island. The cricket was also set up a women’s concentration camp. The first campers were 300, and in a very short period of time they became over 2,000. More than 20,000 people lay in Belene and some of them remained forever in their nameless graves of Fr. Persin.
The camp is located in a unique place, which contributes to the interest of visitors to it. It is located on the largest island in Bulgaria along the Danube, which is also part of the Persina Nature Park. This allows visitors to touch the unique nature of the protected areas and see the beautiful and unique for Bulgaria protected bird species.