The Municipality of Belene as a partner in the KAIRÓS project – THE HERITAGE AS A CITY REGENERATION, Phase 2, funded by the URBACT III Program 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund,

to all local and regional media

Welcome to 30.05.2021 (Monday) from 10.00 am in Hotel
“Prestige” – Belene for participation in the event organized by the project team – “Breakfast with the media” part of the Communication Plan of the program. Attendees will be informed about the objectives of the KAIRÓS project, the activities carried out and the activities of the project team for its implementation, achievements and expected results, and will be presented the Integrated Action Plan of Belene.

We look forward to your presence and active participation in the meeting!

Mayor of the Municipality of Belene

Покана за среща с медиите